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About Us

Freshest Seafood and Local Produce

Enjoy tastes that inspire and food that fits your schedule and your palate at Terraces Restaurant. Wake up to a decadent breakfast with the Breakfast Buffet experience or an a la carte dish of your choice. For lunch and dinner, experience the Gold Coast's most iconic Seafood Buffet with all the trimmings and fresh and seasonal dishes from land and sea. From the finest, freshest seafood and local produce to the coastal ambience, Terraces Restaurant serves as the ideal dining space for every occasion.

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    Daily Opening Hours

    • Buffet Breakfast: 6am - 10:30am
    • A La Carte Breakfast: 6am - 11am
    • A La Carte Lunch: 12pm -   3pm 
    • Buffet Lunch: 12pm -   3pm (Saturdays & Sundays only)
    • A La Carte Dinner: 5:30pm -  9.30pm
    • Buffet Dinner: 5.30pm - 9.30pm (Fridays & Saturdays only)